Volunteer Time


Volunteers assist with storing, stocking shelves, and distributing food supplies. Some volunteers assist with the recipient’s selection of food items. There are both light weight and heavy weight tasks available. Choose hours you would like to work.

Monday Afternoons3:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Monday Evenings5:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Hi! My name is Chris and I would like to share my story.

In 2020 I was happily employed until Covid hit. Friday, May 1 st , I was asked to sign my termination papers. I was shocked. I signed up for unemployment benefits but knew it would take a while to begin. My daughter owned a hair and nail salon and had to close for 6 weeks so no income for her during that time. I had driven by the South Fort Myers Food Pantry many times and now it was my turn to get help. I arrived and was greeted with warmth and smiles. When I picked up my food from the Pantry, I also was able to share with my daughter. As time passed, I figured out my finances and knew I could retire on a careful budget. I no longer needed to be a client at The Pantry.

It was now my turn to give back. I joined the Food Pantry volunteer team June 2022 and I am still volunteering today. After Hurricane Ian, I saw our clients struggling to feed their pets. The need was great. I dug deep into the community and found 7 businesses that now donate pet food weekly The Pantry so our clients’ dogs and cats are fed too. The benefits of volunteering is hard to put into words. It fills the body, mind, soul and spirit with gratitude that sometimes leaves me speechless.

Thank you “Pantry” for the goodness you have instilled in me in so many ways. I am grateful